Members of The EOLI 2021/22 cohort enlightened, impressed and inspired us when they presented the results of 5 unique action-learning programme projects.  

Members of The EOLI 2021/22 cohort enlightened, impressed and inspired us when they presented the results of 5 unique action-learning programme projects.
The 2021/22 Eliot Osrin Leadership Institute cohort

Sunday 11th September 2022 marked a milestone for The Eliot Osrin Leadership Institute 2021/22 cohort, as they presented their key findings following a three-month-long Action Learning program. This comprises a vital and powerful part of EOLI’s flagship year-long Leadership Development Programme (LDP), which began in November 2021.

Made up of community leaders, both lay (volunteer) and professional, the cohort was divided into five Action Learning groups. Each group was tasked with identifying key challenges within the Cape Town Jewish community. They then had to come up with targeted pilot projects and/or prototypes. This module presents a platform for dialogue, consultation and critical thinking. “This problem-solving model casts fresh eyes and a game-changing perspective on what is often experienced as an entrenched challenge,” explains EOLI Director and curricula developer, Viv Anstey.

“The results were outstanding, with all five groups coming up with significant pilots that can evolve and be integrated into the various community organisations and beyond,” says Dvorah Stein, EOLI’s Action Learning facilitator and faculty member.



Innovative, unique and transformative with a focus on sustainability


LeadGrow: This group prioritised the concept of staff development and training. They addressed how staff appraisals within community organisations can be used to boost morale, encourage staff, help career growth and plan for succession.

Bargains Galore Rediscovered: Partnering with the Bargains Galore team, this group not only sorted stock, but rearranged the entire store giving it a fresh and appealing look. They also created an attractive online platform to further sales and community reach.


The Lost Tribe: This group engaged with Jewish parents who have elected not to send their children to Jewish day schools. The research results revealed a need for inclusion and ignited a spark to help connect these families to community and in so doing offer support and address needs. 

Nurturing Networks: This group invited Herzlia Alumni professionals to present to the Grade 11s in order to inspire them to discover career paths and be activated to grow and sustain the Jewish community.

Future Thinking: This group identified the need for shared learning and collaboration between the four Jewish Day schools. They created a  platform for teachers to train teachers by sharing their unique and innovative teaching styles and individualised methodology.

“We acknowledge EOLI’s expert faculty for stewarding the 2021/22 cohort’s learning to this pinnacle in the LDP.  Each faculty member has played a vital role in catalysing the participants to emerge as consultants within the communal space,” says Viv Anstey.


The  cohort now embarks on the final module  – Ethical Leadership, with both an internal and external community focus.  “The transformation and investment of our participants is glowingly evident in the election and professional appointments of lay and professional communal leaders across all the sectors”, shares Viv Anstey, adding that EOLI’s commitment to people proofing and leadership succession can be deeply felt within and across the community.

This showcase event was held at The Gardens Community Centre, and was attended by community leaders and stakeholders as well as the Eliot Osrin Leadership Professional team, faculty and advisory board.

The Eliot Osrin Leadership Institute is the first ever organisation in the SA Jewish community to invest in leadership and succession.

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